Recycle Your Windshield When You Get it Replaced Next

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Undeniably, the vehicle industry is polluting the environment in many ways by the emission of greenhouse gasses. Repairing a windscreen with minor scratches, cracks, or chips is recommended, but sometimes you don’t have any other option than to replace it. Do you know where these damaged windscreens are placed? 

These windscreens end up in landfills and harm the environment in many ways. But fear not because, with technological advancements, it is now possible to recycle these windscreens and reduce their environmental impact. Nowadays, recycling is mainstream; therefore, people are trying to make every product with recyclable materials to save the overall atmosphere. It is surprising to know that recycled auto glass can be reused. Let’s dive deep and understand how recycling a windscreen could be beneficial.

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Is It Possible To Recycle A Windshield?

It is exciting news for the automobile companies that the windscreens can be recycled. In the last 20 years, the vehicle industry has undergone several technological advancements that have made recycling a car’s windscreen possible as well as easy.

Recycling auto glass and converting it to any other product is now possible. Repairing an auto glass should be your priority, but when you think of replacing it, don’t forget that it could be recycled. It is advised by the car windshield replacements in Dubai to repair the auto glass cracks or chips on time and replace them if the cracks worsen.

Understand The Recycling Process Of A Car’s Windscreen

The safety glass of a car’s windscreen can bear the excessive impact of force because of an interlayer of polyvinyl Butryl (PVB) that is between the two glass sheets. Because this interlayer is extremely strong, the windscreen must undergo an additional recycling process. Below are some steps for the recycling of a car’s windscreen.

  • Breaking: The first step is to collect the auto glass, break it, and separate it from the interlayer, where it is encased firmly. 
  • Grinding: After removing the plastic, the auto glass is passed through a grinding processor, and a sieve is placed to collect the plastic. 
  • Glass-Based Products: After the auto glass is grounded, it is then used to produce glass-based materials, like glass bottles, glass jars, fiberglass, pool filters, and road bases. This recycling process protects the landfills from clogging up. 

Environmental Impacts of A Non-Recycled Windscreen

For a greener future, it is essential to minimize waste. According to a survey, there is about a replacement of 1.2 million windscreens in only one country, which ends up in landfills and becomes a reason for its clogging. Therefore, recycling the windscreen and making better use of these auto glasses is recommended by experts. Because the decomposition process of these windscreens is prolonged, vehicle companies are advised to make reusable products by recycling these windshields. 

Besides these environmental impacts, technological advancements like artificial intelligence and automation have helped in the precise separation and breaking of the interlayer. Because the recycled windscreen could be reused in the form of many different products, the Government and vehicle industries must be aware of the consumers. Consumer awareness and participation are necessary to recycle auto glass. 

Explore The Reasons To Recycle A Car’s Windscreen

The car’s windscreen is manufactured from a plastic film sandwiched between two layers; therefore, the recycling process of this auto glass could be a little difficult, but that doesn’t make it impossible. In Dubai, it is estimated that millions of windscreens are replaced yearly, resulting in landfills and harming the environment. Let’s understand some reasons that necessitate the recycling of windscreens.

Reduce Environmental Pollution

The continuous disposal of this auto glass in landfills will be the reason for its carbon footprint and affect the environment. It will not only reduce the amount of plastics that are dumped in landfills but also reduce the carbon footprints. So, it is essential to save the environment by recycling them. 

Preserve Natural Material

Recycling old auto glass will help preserve the natural materials used to manufacture the new windscreen and reduce the need to tap into the reserves of raw materials. Therefore, recycling the auto glass should be addressed. 

Saves Energy

Manufacturing the windscreen glass as the cullet melts at a lower temperature with the recycled material saves energy. Compared to manufacturing the glass from scratch with natural material, it is time- and energy-consuming therefore these materials are recommended.


When you replace your car’s windscreen next, it is recommended to recycle it. Recycling the windshield is now possible. Most people are curious about whether to recycle the windscreen or not. The answer is yes. Recycling auto glass is a little challenging because of the interlayer of PVB, but it is not impossible. 

The damaged windscreen undergoes the process of grinding, breaking, and then converting into reusable products. The different benefits of recycling include energy saving, preserving natural materials, and reducing environmental pollution. These benefits allow the vehicle industry to make better use of these windscreens. Besides these factors, public awareness is also needed for this upcoming issue.

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