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We Offer Top-Quality Windshield Installations In Dubai

Looking for experienced professionals to get your car’s front glass installed? We’re your ultimate choice for offering the finest services of windscreen installation anywhere in Dubai.

Expertise And Precision

Our skilled professionals are truly the masters of resolving issues related to car windscreens. With attention-to-detail services, we deliver the best results.

Versatile Choices

From laminated and tempered glass to tinted and coated windscreens, we offer various types of high-quality windshields for replacement at reasonable prices.

Windshield Repair Dubai The Lifelong Glass Reparation Service

When it comes to windshield repair in Dubai, Dubai Auto Glass is the most reliable and reputable source to be invested in for fixing cracks, scratches, chips, etc.

Mobile Windscreen Repair

Need on-road assistance? Don’t worry, we will quickly arrive at your location to restore the flawless appearance of your car windshield.

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Windscreen Repair and Replacement? We’ll Make The Right Call!

Most times, it is a close call whether to repair or replace your car windshield for the best. Our skilled technicians will help you get out of this trouble by proposing the best-unbiased solution. By assessing the damage done, they can easily suggest the best option for your automobile and save you from adverse consequences that you might face in the near future.

  • Cracked Windscreen Repair
  • Windshield Scratches Repair
  • Rear Window Replacement
  • Front Window Replacement

Our Services

Windshield Repair Services Dubai For All Types Of Damage

Windshield Chip Repair

We use special resins to fill in the chip and restore the structural integrity of windshield glass.

Windshield Crack Repair

Restore clarity and visibility to your windshield by purchasing our windshield crack repair services.

Windscreen Replacement

Get front and rear side windshield replacements at affordable prices in Dubai.

15 Years Of Experience

Why Choose Us For Windscreen Repair Services?

Dubai Auto Glass is a top-quality yet affordable provider of windshield repair and replacement services in the UAE. Our experts are highly experienced and can easily overcome specialized glass damage situations. We offer various types of high-quality windshields for new installations as well as on-road windscreen scratches repair.

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Reasonable Price Demands
  • Advanced Equipment & Tools
  • High-Quality Materials


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

At Dubai Auto Glass, the professionals are efficient at doing their job. However, the time span for a complete windscreen replacement varies depending on the extent of damage. It may take a few hours though for complex projects.

No, It is not safe to drive with a damaged windscreen, as the integrity of the glass may be compromised and could shatter upon impact. Additionally, cracks or chips can obstruct your view and increase the risk of an accident.

Extensive cracks, severe impact damage, and damage in the driver’s line of vision typically require windshield replacement. It’s important to consult a professional for assessment of your car glass damage and solutions.

It’s not recommended that you immediately drive your car after a windshield replacement. Because the resin/adhesive applied to glue down the glass in position takes some time to be cured completely.