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Professional Car Window Tinting Service in Dubai

In search of professional glass tinting services in Dubai? We offer top-quality glass tint materials for long-lasting car upgrades and interior protection benefits.

Skilled Labor

Our automotive technicians are highly experienced and they apply glass tints with absolute attention to detail.

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Versatile Choices

We offer a range of tint options for an ideal selection namely dyed, metalized, hybrid, ceramic, and others.

We Offer The Best Car Window Tinting Service In UAE

We offer cost-effective yet high-caliber glass tinting services for all makes and models of automobiles in the UAE performed by skilled professionals.

3M Car Window Tinting

Get our 3M car window tinting for improved safety, enhanced comfort, and supreme interior protection. Plus, we offer car hybrid window tinting services for aesthetic car appearances.

Our high-caliber 3M tints block up to 99% harmful UV rays of the sun thus, keeping your car cool and protected with an improved driving experience.

car window tinting service in dubai

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Why Car Glass Tinting Dubai Is The Ultimate Choice?

Looking to improve the appearance, comfort, and safety of your car? We are your ultimate destination. Our window tinting films are of the best quality and offer aesthetic car transformations alongside improving your driving experience.

Purchase our premium window tints and services to block harmful UV rays, lessen heat and glare, and add an extra layer of protection to your car’s windows. We guarantee professional tint applications for a flawless finish and long-lasting results. Consult our automotive professionals and enjoy customized car appearances.

Our Services

Professional Car Glass Tinting: Our Methodology

3m car window tinting
Tint Calculation

Our experts clean and shine the glass and assess the glass area dimensions for tint calculation.

Tint Application

Our Professionals cut and apply the car glass tint with pure attention to detail and matchless perfection.

Tint Finishing

Trapped air bubbles, wrinkles, etc are removed using a squeegee & heat gun ensures firm attachments.

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15 Years Of Experience

Why Choose Us For Car Glass Tinting?

Dubai Auto Glass offers top-quality car tinting services at pocket-friendly prices all over the UAE. With a variety of high-quality tint films, expert tinters, and budget-friendly prices, we offer perfect tinting solutions for appealing car upgrades. In addition to that, we also entertain customer-specific requirements related to glass tinting for dream car appearances.

  • Expert Assessment & Consultation
  • Perfect Tint Installations
  • Guaranteed Customer Assurance
  • Various Tint Options


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

In Dubai, the legal limit for car tinting is 50% for the front windshield and 30% for the rear windscreen and side windows. Anything beyond this limit of glass tinting can result in a fine.

Car window tinting is not compulsory but offers several benefits, such as reducing glare, UV protection, heat reduction, car privacy protection, improved aesthetics, and enhanced safety, etc. That’s why car owners get car glass windows tinted.

You can use a mixture of ammonia and soapy water, a razor blade or a steamer, and a cloth. However, out of concerns of car glass scratching, it is recommended to hire professionals from a reputable source like Dubai Auto Glass.

Tinted windows in a car can provide some level of protection against UV rays, which can prevent tanning to some extent. However, the type of tint and the degree of darkness can affect the quality of protection. It is still recommended to wear sunscreen while driving.

The pricing factor for car glass tinting services varies depending on the quality of tint films, the volume of the project, expertise, location (mobile tinting services are more costly), etc. It’s recommended that you get a quote from Dubai Auto Glass for cost determination. We normally charge around AED 300 to AED 1,500.