How To Install Car Wiper Blades – A Complete Guide

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Installing new wiper blades, mostly when the old ones get worn out, is quite a common as well as crucial task. However, unlike how most people think, it doesn’t always require professional help, meaning it can totally be a DIY job and all that’s required is a bit of smartness and most importantly the DIYer spirit!

It is a highly efficient idea to change vehicle wiper blades at least once a year, other than actual requirements (wipers getting damaged), to ensure clear viewing and ultimately safe driving. Dubai Auto Glass is here with a precise guide about this very need. You can absolutely count on this data for successful/flawless car wiper installations.

Installing Car Wiper Blades In A Few Easy Steps | Additional Essential Factors You Need To Know

Signs Your Car Wiper Blades Need Replacement

Of course, identifying the problem is the first step to treatment, and learning about when a replacement is necessary will save you from plenty of trouble.


As mentioned earlier, these blades should ideally be changed once a year for optimal viewing clarity and maximum safety. Here are some additional red flags.

  • The foremost sign of the requirement for blade replacement is the rubber that seems cracked or worn out.
  • Blades smearing water is also a clear indication that they need to be replaced with new ones.
  • Blades leaving a film on the windscreen or wiping away water in an unsteady pattern also indicate damage.

Equipment You’ll Need For Blade Installation

  • New Wiper Blades (make sure you get the perfect matching ones following your vehicle)
  • Flathead Screwdriver 
  • Clean Fabric
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Car Manual  

Steps You Have To Follow


Here’s a quick and convenient method for replacing old (and troublesome) car wiper blades with new ones.


  1. First things first, have your car parked in a perfectly leveled area and turn off its engine.
  2. Start by carefully raising the wiper arms away from the windshield. 
  3. Take the cloth, put some rubbing alcohol on it, and gently wipe the wiper arms thoroughly to get rid of all the dirt, debris, and residue.
  4. Have a look at your car’s manual or other sources of information from the manufacturer to identify the attachment mechanism of your car’s wiper blades.
  5. According to the attachment mechanism type, carefully lift a lever/press a tab/slide a clip to release it.
  6. Gently slide and remove the old blade from the wiper arm.
  7. Position the new blade accurately, followed by aligning the attachment mechanism with the wiper arm.
  8. Finish off by securing the blade by snapping or pushing it into place, up until it gets securely locked.
  9. Do the same procedure for the other blade and make sure to test the working of the blades, i.e. they should be securely fitted and have smooth movements on top of the car windshield.

Extra Tips For Successful Car Wiper Blades Fitting

These tips will help you get the right results.


  • If your car’s wipers come with the dedicated “service position” feature, consider engaging it for easier working.
  • Another good idea to determine the accurate functioning of the newly installed blades is to spray some water with a spritz bottle and run the wipers shortly.
  • Dispose of the former blades carefully, and never have them lying around, especially if you have kids and/or pets.
  • If you do or are going to drive in bad weather, invest in winter wiper blades that offer a great performance.  
  • Also, in case there’s bad weather right now, like heavy rainfall or extreme cold, do not do the replacement process as it will be very hard and can even lead to wiper damage.
  • Never skip the wiper cleaning and disinfecting step as it is necessary for the perfect attachment of the blades and also keeps damage away from them.
  • Never rush the blade installation process and be careful as well as patient at every step so that you don’t end up breaking the mechanism of the wipers.
  • Pry only at the indicated areas when using a screwdriver to release the old wiper blades. Never put excessive force and be extremely gentle to avoid damage.
  • Even if one blade seems to be in good condition, consider replacing both as the wearing out of one is a clear indication that the other one will need a replacement soon.
  • Keep your car windshield well-maintained with regular cleanups using dedicated cleaners. This will keep all factors away that can make the wiper blades wear quickly.

Replacing old and damaged car wiper blades with new ones is an integral part of car maintenance, however, it’s certainly not the kind for which you need to take your car to the professionals. Other than the fact that this very procedure is extremely simple and straightforward, learning how to do it is something that’s meant to benefit you for the rest of your life. Lastly, we hope for our brief car wiper blade installation tutorial to be entirely helpful for you as well as the other info. 

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