List Of 7 Car Air Conditioning Issues

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Being stranded in your vehicle in the scorching summer heat is not fun or appreciated at all. When the temperature spikes to a dangerous level, it becomes unbearable to sit calmly with a malfunctioned air conditioner. It’s not the end of the world if your car AC is suddenly not functioning properly while it was working fine a few seconds ago.

There can be several reasons why your car AC is unable to perform well and it can be difficult for an amateur to diagnose the issues and treat them himself. In this blog by Dubai Auto Glass, you will find some common reasons behind your car air conditioner malfunctioning along with tips to fix those issues.

Car AC Problems & Solutions

AC system of a car contains various components: refrigerant, condenser, compressor, and evaporators that are driven by the engine. The failure of each component can lead to car air conditioning issues. Ahead, we’ve listed the most common potential problems with solutions to troubleshoot them on your own.

1. Dealing With Warm Air?

Warm air blowing out of your vehicle AC is a sign of any leaks in the refrigerant system. Your car AC won’t blow cold air when there’s a leak in the connection, ruptured evaporator, hoses, compressor, and condenser. Also, a car AC can emit hot air when the fans are broken which can further lead to no air coming from vents at all. 


To tackle the broken cooling fan problem, check for blown fuses and electrical shorts. To resolve this issue, you’ll need to add a fluorescent leak tracer dye and refrigerant to your vehicle system. After adding a dye, run the AC using a blacklight and you’ll find the trace of leaks that can be repaired with the help of a can of freon.

2. Leaking Refrigerant?

One of the primary reasons for your vehicle’s air conditioner issues is certain holes or leaks in the refrigerant. Leaks can be found at different places including seal points, hose connections, or AC units. As a result of leakage, you’ll find some oily substances at different spots. Water from the AC unit, oily substances, and freon materials when mixed, corrode your vehicle’s air conditioning system.


You can make the refrigerators’ leaks visible by adding a fluorescent dye leak tracer and they’ll begin to show in the blacklight. Apply the sealants to repair or fix the holes and leaks.

3. Bad Compressor?

The air conditioner of automobiles relies on the compressor to function effectively. The reason behind your bad compressor can be not in use for long periods. Also, the involvement of debris can stop the compressors from working and as a result, their clutch can freeze. Air conditioners are not being operated during winter months which can give a shock to the system.


To engage the compressor with the system again, the most simple solution is to turn on the AC on a full blast for at least 15-20 minutes. Also, during the winter months, you can use this technique at least twice or thrice a week for the lifetime enhancement of your compressor.

4. Broken Or Clogged Condenser?

When compressed, the AC condenser needs to be cooled down which can be effectively done with the airflow from your car’s front when driving. Sometimes, the condenser gets blocked due to roadside debris, and as a result air conditioner expels hot air. In addition to that, the built-in tiny holes of compressors can be plugged with rubber that can damage or puncture out the condenser.


Any debris obstruction can be simply noticed from the grill and eliminated from the car by yourself. However, equipment failure or damage can be fixed with a replacement. If you are an amateur, you can seek automotive technician assistance to get your broken condenser repaired or replaced.

5. Electrical Issues?

Electrical issues in the car are the most difficult to detect and they can be one of the main reasons why your AC is not working properly.  A blown fuse and frayed wire can cause the condenser to receive low voltage and it leads to insufficient cooling in your car. By preventing the car from cooling, it overloads the entire air conditioning system to overload.


Diagnosing and treating the electrical system begins with the visual analysis and assessment of the fuse box and frayed wiring. The broken wire can be fixed by applying a tape and the blown fuse can be treated or replaced by the automotive specialists.

6. AC Makes Noises?

When you hear unusual sounds of rattling, grinding, and banging from your air conditioning systems, it is essential to check for AC grills and vents to look for debris and dirt. The rattling or grinding sounds from AC can be due to any major component failure such as the condenser’s clutch.


This problem can be simply fixed by inspecting the grills and vents and removing any settled dirt and accumulated debris using a vacuum cleaner. However, to repair the damage of a component, you can drive your vehicle to technicians.

7. AC Air Stinks?

If your air conditioner throws out a foul odor that smells unpleasant and hits your nostrils, it could be a real headache. The noxious mildew-like smell can be the reason for the growth of bacteria in the system. The reason behind the foul smell in your car is either the frequent(extra moisture in the unit) or seldom (not in use for a prolonged time) use of the air conditioner. Microorganisms’ growth behind the dashboard can create a bad odor.


To combat this issue, you can vacuum your AC, add an anti-bacterial solution into an evaporator area to kill contaminants, and spray an air freshener. If the smell still doesn’t fade, try replacing the air filters of your car’s air conditioning system.


There’s nothing worse than an air conditioner not working in summer due to certain malfunctions in your vehicles. These air-conditioner issues can be electrical or mechanical and can be troubleshooter with the help of fixing technical issues and maintenance tips explained in this comprehensive guide.

To fix the most common air conditioning issues of leaking refrigerant, bad compressor, or broken condenser, all you have to do is inspect your vehicle properly and tackle the issue following the instructions in this guide. Aside from that, routine maintenance is necessary to keep your automobile AC tip-top. Also, to fix any potential issue in your car’s air conditioning system, you can seek assistance from automotive specialists at any point.

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