Choosing The Right Type Of Glass For Your Vehicle

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A vehicle’s windscreen is not only a piece of glass, it is an integral component that ensures maximum safety and protection. When it comes to selecting a compatible glass for your vehicle, a proper guideline is necessary. Therefore, Fixit Auto Glass has enlisted some considerable factors before choosing the right auto glass type in this blog.

From glass durability to compatibility, we tried our best to cover every aspect of this article. We have also mentioned the most common types of vehicle glass and their additional features for your convenience. Considering these aspects will bring valuable outcomes.

Selecting The Right Vehicle Glass | Important Factors To Consider

Before choosing an appropriate windscreen, side, or rear window glass, you must evaluate the basic knowledge about your car model, specifications, glass types, and safety standards. Because each type of vehicle requires a specific glass type.

  1. Car Model & Specifications
  2. Climate Changes
  3. Total Budget
  4. Safety Standards
  5. Assess Glass Type
  6. Explore Additional Features

1- Car Model & Specifications

Car Model & Specifications

Before diving into a list of factors, you must have some basic knowledge about your vehicle’s glass specifications. Different car models require different glasses in terms of materials, size, shape, curvature, and color shade. You can read your vehicle manual or consult any professional to choose a specific glass type.

2- Climate Changes

Climate Changes

Being technical automobile experts, we always recommend that car owners must consider this factor as well. If you face extreme climate conditions in your region, you must experience weather-specific windscreens. These special type of windshields ensures regulated temperature inside the vehicle in both cold and hot weather. Furthermore, they also assist in melting the snow to clear the front screen and enhance visibility.

3- Total Budget

Total Budget Right Vehicle Glass

Doubtlessly, safety is always a top priority but considering the average budget before selecting any compatible glass will be a smart approach. Because an endless variety of window glass is available in the automobile market with variable price ranges. You need to select a glass that fulfills your requirements within a specified budget.

Note: Never compromise your safety & glass quality.

4- Safety Standards

Safety Standards

While choosing any type of glass, prioritize your safety standards authorized by the UAE government. Review the legal regulations about window tinting, glass safety parameters, darkness, and thickness level. In addition, you can consult with professionals to get a holistic guide about safety measures.

5- Assess Glass Type

Assess Glass Type

Being a vehicle owner, you should learn the basics about glass types and their functionalities. There are four major types of car glass: tempered, laminated, solar, and acoustic.

  • Laminated Glass
  • Tempered Glass
  • Solar Glass
  • Acoustic Glass

A- Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is most commonly used for covering the front side of vehicles due to its extra durability and robust integrity. This heavy-duty glass comprises three layers, one plastic layer is surrounded by two glass layers. The plastic layer is responsible for maintaining the position and durability of both glass layers in case of collision and accident.

B- Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is widely used to cover the rear and side car windows. This UV-resistant glass is manufactured under high heat processing. In case of collision, it breaks into small and blunt pieces instead of sharp and large pieces to prevent the risks of injury.

C- Solar Glass

This special type of glass is coated with a solar liner to block the entry of harmful sun rays inside the car. In this way, it helps maintain the vehicle’s interior temperature. Solar glass upgrades the driving experience under regulated temperatures.

D- Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass ensures a peaceful driving experience due to its excellent noise-reduction features. It is crafted with special polyvinyl butyral PVB-made acoustic interlayers that absorb the unnecessary sound coming from outside.

6- Explore Additional Features

Explore Additional Features

While selecting a perfect piece of glass for your vehicle, you need to evaluate some additional features such as:

  • Tinted Glass
  • Heated Glass
  • Rain Sensing Wipers

A- Tinted Glass

Tinted glass ensures maximum privacy by reducing glare and visibility. This type of glass is commonly used for rear and side windows. Before choosing this glass type, you must assess the legal regulations and authorized darkness level to avoid inconvenience.

B- Heated Glass

This special glass type provides a heating surface to melt the falling snow and ice in cold and snowy weather. This mechanism ensures complete glass visibility after melting the ice. Car owners from colder regions can experience this innovative windshield.

C- Rain Sensing Wipers

These modern built-in sensor windscreens are available in the UAE automobile market. These sensors sense the weather conditions and allow the wipers to work efficiently. This automobile glass also ensures complete visibility which leads to safe driving.

Wrapping Up!

The selection of the right vehicle glass requires basic knowledge about types, materials, safety standards, and legal regulations. For car owner experience and ease, Fixit Auto Glass has elaborated complete details about these aspects. If you have a plan to replace or repair your vehicle glass, consider these guidelines for better outputs.

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